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internation investor Foreigners investing real estate seek fast track to citizenship translator translation interpreterThe weak U.S. dollar and declining home values are largely discouraging for American homeowners. For international real estate investors, however, such conditions combined with fast-track citizenship and investor visas present very attractive opportunities.

Foreign investors (primarily from Mexico, China, India and Germany) are a very lucrative niche for realtors because they tend to buy more expensive properties than domestic real estate investors do.  Foreign buyers purchase properties that cost an average of 36 percent more than domestic buyers, and 14 percent of properties purchased by foreigners cost $750,000 or more.  Investors from China were the most likely to purchase properties at $1 million and more, with 14 percent of Chinese buyers doing so. The median price paid by real estate investors from China was $450,000, the highest median of any location.  With these statistics, it makes good sense to develop a relationship with a trusted real estate translation firm like THE MARKETING ANALYSTS. 

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With over 20 years of real estate translation experience, we have developed a strong team of experienced German, Chinese, Spanish and Hindi real estate translators that real estate companies trust to translate specialized real estate materials that include CAD/CAM files, Catalogs, Multimedia Projects, Marketing brochures, flyers and other collateral, and Corporate websites.

Real estate has its own unique terminology, and familiarity with the terminology is essential for accurate translations.  Further, because real estate is among the most valuable asset of all, even a small mistake could be damaging and costly to your company.  Minimize your risks today by finding a real estate translation company, like THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, that is interested in your long-term success.

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Whether your need for translation services is large or small, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS are available to assist you with your translation needs.  Our language translation team includes experienced document translators who specialize in translating different types of property, legal and real estate documents.

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