Middle East: Marketing Research, Translation & Web Services

Egypt is strategically located in North Africa and is near Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Greece. THE MARKETING ANALYSTS offers a wide range of professional marketing research, public relations, Internet and translation service to reach this market successfully.

With an experienced team of Marketing Research consultants, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS provides both qualitative and quantitative research, ranging in scale from focus groups to surveys.  Our analytical and predictive competencies allow us to provide some of the most accurate and advanced marketing research reports that contain actionable recommendations.

Our translation and localization services include translations in over 30 languages by some of the most qualified language translators in the industry.  With our competencies in language translation services, we can quickly, accurately and inexpensively translate your medical records, web sites, marketing/PR collateral, academic files, and other industry specific documents.

If you require web services, you should definitely consider THE MARKETING ANALYSTS.  Our team of Internet experts has advanced skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Building Dynamic Web Sites, Developing Content Management System (CMS) and performing Social Media Analysis.

Our unmatched professionalism and commitment to achieving results guarantees the highest level of client service, every time. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.