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For nearly 20 years, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS have been providing certified and notarized translations of your important documents including Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates, University Diplomas, Green Cards, Death Certificates, School Transcripts, Police Records, Divorce Decrees, Employment Records, Passports, Visas and much more for any language combination. We can also accomodate special certification needs such as the translation of medical and immunization records, patent translation and certification, financial documents, insurance documents etc.  At THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, we perform the translation, certify it, notarize it, and email you a proof.  Once we have your approval, we then mail you the hardcopy.  Please include your mailing address when requesting a certified translation.

What is Certified & Notarized Translation?

There is standard that defines the requirements for a certified translation.   Instead, the type of certification that your document requires depends on a variety of factors that may include the country where the translation is being submitted, the organization to whom it is being submitted and on other factors.  With our expertise and resources, THE MARKETING ANALYSTS provides certified translations in nearly every language.

 Certified translations are typically required when submitting official documents in foreign countries such as birth/death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, college transcripts and police clearances. If you are required to submit a certified translation, please check the requirements and the type of certification required before ordering the translation. Also, please let us know if your certified translation must meet any specific requirements.  When you purchase your certified translation from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, you get the additional assurance that the document is now a legal record and will be accepted by courts, colleges and other institutions around the world. 

To be considered a certified translation in the USA, you must present the following:

1)     The source document (copy) in the original language.

2)     The translated document in the target language.

3)     An affidavit signed by the translator and/or a representative of THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, with his or her signature notarized by a Notary Public, attesting that the translator or THE MARKETING ANALYSTS' representative believes the target language text to be an accurate, complete translation of the original source document text.


As a general rule, foreign language documents used for immigration processing must be translated into English and be certified. If you are uncertain as to which foreign documents must have an English translation, please inquire at your nearest USCIS office for clarification.  

Certificate of Accuracy

Every certified translation must include a certificate of accuracy, attesting that the English translation of a foreign document is an accurate translation. A person who is familiar with both languages must sign his or her name, stating that each English translation is an accurate translation of the foreign language document. The person signing the certificate may or may not be the person who did the actual translation. The person only needs to be fluent in both languages, must read both documents, and must certify that each English translation is accurate.

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS offers the following Certified Translation services and more:

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