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Certified and Notarized Vietnamese Translation

Certified and Notarized Vietnamese translations are typically required when submitting official documents in foreign countries such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, college transcripts and police clearances. Regardless of whether you are required to submit a certified translation for US immigration to the USCIS or for college or high school admission, we can assist you!  Our certified translations meet all specified requirements and include notarization.

When you purchase your certified translation from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS, you get the additional assurance that the document is now a legal record and will be accepted by courts, colleges and other institutions around the world.

Our Certified Vietnamese Document Translation Services

Birth Certificates
Diplomas and Transcripts
Driver's Licenses
Marriage Certificates
High School Certificates
Medical Reports and medical records
Immunization Cards
Divorce Certificates
Police Clearances
Death Certificates


We provide Certified Vietnamese Translation services into the following languages and more:

THE MARKETING ANALYSTS offers the following Vietnamese translation services:

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Certified Vietnamese to English Translation

Certified Vietnamese to Chinese Translation

Certified Vietnamese to German Translation

Certified Vietnamese to Hindi Traslation 

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Vietnamese Translation From The Marketing Analysts

With a growth rate consistently above 7%, Vietnam is the world’s second fastest growing economy.  Partially as a result of its transition from a planned economy to a market-oriented mixed economy, and due to the Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) with the USA, Vietnam has become an attractive foreign investment destination in East and Southeast Asia.  Given Vietnam’s current status and potential for continued economic growth, it only makes sense to market your products and services to the 73 million speakers of Vietnamese.   Whether your translation is for a specific sector of the economy (banking/finance, medical equipment, tourism, marketing/advertising, manufacturing, etc.), certified Vietnamese translators from THE MARKETING ANALYSTS can help you identify how best to communicate and localize to this market.  We are also expert at providing translations for the other Asian languages.  Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our language and marketing services.

About Vietnamese 

While spoken by the Vietnamese people for millennia, written Vietnamese did not become the official administrative language of Vietnam until the 20th century. For most of its history, the region now known as Vietnam used written Chinese as the official government language, whereas written Vietnamese was used for literature. During French colonialism, French took over as the language of administration. It was not until independence from France that Vietnamese was used officially. It is the language of instruction in schools and universities and is the language for official business. 

Vietnamese Translation

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